$\chi^2$ profiles

In the following table you can find the text-readable \Delta\chi^2 profiles that you can use to reproduce our 1D and 2D plots.
All the files are normalized so that the best fit (in both normal and inverted ordering) always corresponds to \Delta\chi^2=0.
All the profiles can be downloaded from https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4726908.
See the page Cite this page for instructions on citing these results if you use them in a publication.

1D profiles

The 1D profiles are written in the format

parameter_value chi^2
parameter normal ordering inverted ordering
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]} dm21-NO.dat dm21-IO.dat
|\Delta m^2_{31}| \text{ [eV}^2\text{]} dm31-NO.dat dm31-IOdat
\sin^2\theta_{12} sq12-NO.dat sq12-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{13} sq13-NO.dat sq13-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{23} sq23-NO.dat sq23-IO.dat
\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi del-NO.dat del-IO.dat

2D profiles

The 2D profiles are written in the format

parameter1_value parameter2_value chi^2
parameters normal ordering inverted ordering
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi dm21-del-NO.dat dm21-del-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}|\Delta m^2_{31}| \text{ [eV}^2\text{]} dm21-dm31-NO.dat dm21-dm31-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{12} dm21-sq12-NO.dat dm21-sq12-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{13} dm21-sq13-NO.dat dm21-sq13-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{21} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{23} dm21-sq23-NO.dat dm21-sq23-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{31} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi dm31-del-NO.dat dm31-del-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{31} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{12} dm31-sq12-NO.dat dm31-sq12-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{31} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{13} dm31-sq13-NO.dat dm31-sq13-IO.dat
\Delta m^2_{31} \text{ [eV}^2\text{]}\sin^2\theta_{23} dm21-sq23-NO.dat dm21-sq23-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{12}\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi sq12-del-NO.dat sq12-del-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{12}\sin^2\theta_{13} sq12-sq13-NO.dat sq12-sq13-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{12}\sin^2\theta_{23} sq12-sq23-NO.dat sq12-sq23-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{13}\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi sq13-del-NO.dat sq13-del-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{13}\sin^2\theta_{23} sq13-sq23-NO.dat sq13-sq23-IO.dat
\sin^2\theta_{23}\delta_{\rm CP}/\pi sq23-del-NO.dat sq23-del-IO.dat